Six Favorite New Restaurants in Fairfield County

Since I moved from Newport, Rhode Island back to Wilton, Connecticut, I have made an effort to enjoy Fairfield County as much as possible. I moved back to Connecticut in November 2015 and I haven’t been adulting in the way I had originally planned. I interviewed for positions at marketing agencies and fashion brands for months and struggled to get a few bites. Even though I … Continue reading Six Favorite New Restaurants in Fairfield County

Fall Footwear Shopping at Matt Bernson

The shoe fits at Tribeca-based footwear brand  My first Matt Bernson purchase was late September at their Westport store during their end-of-summer sale. I needed a more durable, stylish pair of sandals, so I chose the black Athena leather sandal. It took one day at work to break-in the leather for a comfortable fit. With this in mind, it only made sense to go back to … Continue reading Fall Footwear Shopping at Matt Bernson

Find of the Week | 41

I refuse to believe summer is over. It’s not that I had a horrible summer. Not at all. In fact, my summer was fantastic—I traveled to California for the first time and explored San Francisco, Monterey, Big Sur and Napa Valley; spent time with family at Watch Hill; and reconnected with friends in Connecticut and New York City. I’m hoping to squeeze in one more … Continue reading Find of the Week | 41

Rothbard Ale + Larder

Meet the new watering hole for the Oktoberfest-obsessed and other Europhiles While I studied a summer abroad in Oxford, England, European pub culture fascinated me—I fell in love with the comfortable feeling of sitting on the broken-in wooden bar stools, enjoying the company of friends and sipping Pimm’s Cup made with fresh fruit. I may not be a beer drinker, but after drinking every Pimm’s … Continue reading Rothbard Ale + Larder

Start the Semester in Style with Alegre Westport

Even though summer isn’t over yet, it’s time to start thinking about how to start the fall semester in style! Alegre, one of the new women’s clothing stores in downtown Westport, regularly receives new merchandise that is perfect for going to class during the week, relaxing in the dorm, or heading out on weekends. The store will be offering an exclusive 20% off discount to … Continue reading Start the Semester in Style with Alegre Westport

Find of the Week | 39

Chokers are not as scary as you think they are.  Once upon a time in the 1990s, I had a harmless purple, jelly plastic choker from Limited Too that I got in a birthday party favor bag. It was one of the first pieces of jewelry I wore on a regular basis. Fast forward from elementary school to post-college life—chokers have reappeared in my life … Continue reading Find of the Week | 39

Find of the Week | 36

I constantly shop at work. This comes as no surprise, considering I work at a boutique with merchandise that’s both adorable and reasonably priced in the middle of Westport.  I bought a few things before I ran to Newport… While I was in Rhode Island, I stopped by Crosswynds Traders in Narragansett. Not only did I pick up two much-needed shirts for my boyfriend—you don’t … Continue reading Find of the Week | 36