AWAY luggage store New York City

The Best Carry-On Luggage for International Travel

Before I left for Paris, I was in serious need of good, quality luggage. The Search I found a matching set of large and medium luggage by Delsey, but I wanted something special for my carry-on. It only made sense to have a carry-on that would accommodate most, if not all, international restrictions. The carry-on would also have to complement the urban style of the … Continue reading The Best Carry-On Luggage for International Travel

Valencia Spain City Center

A Photo Diary of One Week in Valencia, Spain

I’m happy to finally cross Spain off of the travel bucket list! My boyfriend planned us a vacation in Valencia, Spain for the last week in June. I definitely left my comfort zone by leaving my French habits at Charles de Gaulle—I don’t know any Spanish—but we had an amazing time exploring the city and the beach together. Here are some quick tips on how … Continue reading A Photo Diary of One Week in Valencia, Spain

Freud Museum Vienna Austria waiting room

Sigmund Freud Museum, Vienna

Out of all of the places Steph and I visited during our short stay in Vienna, I didn’t anticipate the Freud Museum to leave such a lasting impression. We visited the Freud Museum in the late afternoon after eating schnitzel for lunch. The museum is a 10-minute walk from Votivkirche and Universitatstrasse. When you approach the Freud Museum, it’s clear that it isn’t your typical tourist … Continue reading Sigmund Freud Museum, Vienna

Link Haul | International Travel Tips

I have a habit of hoarding blog post links and never sharing them. Until now. I always try to find out what’s happening in the social media landscape and lifestyle/travel blogosphere by reading a lot of articles. Most of the links I used to save were entrepreneurial inspirations, but since I’ve joined several different blogger networks on Facebook, my saved links are more personal by including … Continue reading Link Haul | International Travel Tips

Secession, Vienna’s Center for Artistic Expression

Vienna’s Secession continues to carry legacy of expressing and supporting artistic freedom On our first afternoon in Vienna, Steph and I walked from lunch at the Naschmarkt down the street to explore. Upon spotting Secession, I insisted on stopping in immediately before going further. I had researched and presented on Secession two years ago for a literature and history course I was taking at Salve … Continue reading Secession, Vienna’s Center for Artistic Expression