The Lotos Club

My alma mater hosted a beautiful alumni reception at The Lotos Club on East 66th and Fifth Avenue last week. I didn’t really take photos. Even if I had, I doubt that the photos would have done the elegant setting justice. I only wish that I captured the evening cocktail—appropriately named “The Vanderbilt,” it mixed together a holy trinity of champagne, pomegranate and St. Germain. … Continue reading The Lotos Club

Summer 2016 in Pictures

After two difficult years, this summer has made up for time I thought I already lost.  It was the first summer that I wasn’t either living or spending an extended period of time in Rhode Island—I thought I was going to be stuck in suburbia, perhaps make the occasional trip to New York City. I was concerned that it was going to be a bore.  … Continue reading Summer 2016 in Pictures

Effy’s Kitchen | Spanish Harlem, NYC

My friend Cara took me to a hidden gem for bottomless brunch in her neighborhood. We ventured a few short blocks from Upper East Side to check out Effy’s Kitchen towards the outer edge of Spanish Harlem. The restaurant’s bottomless brunch special–one main dish with endless mimosas–costs only $20. If you’re trying to find a brunch spot to catch up with your friends, take your … Continue reading Effy’s Kitchen | Spanish Harlem, NYC

Bottomless Brunch in the West Village

I went to NYU last Sunday to see one of my best friends from college present a policy framework proposal for the 2016 Policy Case Competition. Before Steph and her teammates arrived, I walked around NYU, Washington Square Park and found a place to grab Sunday brunch at a great bar called The Half Pint. I was happily enjoying my delicious farmer’s market omelet and mimosa … Continue reading Bottomless Brunch in the West Village