Find of the Week | 50

If I had to pick a clothing category that I dislike shopping for the most, swimwear wins by a long shot.

I can rationalize spending money on premium denim, a well-made leather bag or shoes, but spending over $100 on a bikini top alone makes no sense.

Trying on swimsuits in late April is no fun. The reflection in the mirror reminds you that there was no need to have a second helping of pasta during bikini-prep season.

This year I skipped out on a painful trip to the mall and scoured eBay for Victoria’s Secret swimsuits. I set the search filters specifically—NWT, free shipping, returns allowed—and was surprised to find more options than I anticipated.


It did take a while to find a plain, white bikini set in my size, but since I know VS Swimwear sizing, I felt confident enough to order it. Both the top and bottom fit perfectly.

My boyfriend recently listened to me go on about my successful white bikini quest. Once I finally stopped talking, he politely pointed out that I should buy another bikini bottom that isn’t white for one obvious reason that I didn’t think of.

… Guess I need to start another eBay search again.

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