Find of the Week | 49

I have made a serious effort to downsize my closet over the past month.

Five Goodwill drop-offs and two consignment shop appointments have amounted to bags of naked black felt hangers and vacant storage containers piled in the corner, yet I am still still sorting, consigning and donating clothes, handbags and accessories.

The Great Closet Purge of  2017 has been an emotionally cathartic experience—I’ve learned to let go of a lot of things I don’t need anymore in order to prioritize what I do need.

And now I focus on rebuilding and condensing my wardrobe.

The mission statement for my new style is simple—stay with the classics, but keep it youthful. I already have a black bomber jacket from Theory and an Isabel Marant twill jacket, so now I need t-shirts, silk tops, mini-skirts and other basic things that will be fun to wear in the summer in Paris.

I went into Elle G to look for these things, but I walked out with lace bralettes instead.

They’re sexy, which means they’re youthful, which means they fit in with my shopping mission statement!


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