Find of the Week | 41

I refuse to believe summer is over.

It’s not that I had a horrible summer. Not at all. In fact, my summer was fantastic—I traveled to California for the first time and explored San Francisco, Monterey, Big Sur and Napa Valley; spent time with family at Watch Hill; and reconnected with friends in Connecticut and New York City.

I’m hoping to squeeze in one more weekend in Rhode Island before embracing autumn, so I took advantage of end-of-summer sales in Westport to get ready.

I stopped at Jack Wills to buy a dress to see a Newport Polo match this Saturday—it has a perfect fitted bodice with a feminine, flared skirt. The oar tote was admittedly an impulse buy, but it’s not like I won’t ever use it… 
The Americana tank top was a bargain buy from Winged Monkey that will be of use next Fourth of July or USA-themed party. 
Since I was feeling very New England, I finished my shopping spree at Barnes & Noble and picked up The Starboard Sea by Amber Dermont. I strayed from my usual non-fiction picks for something to help me cope with my summertime sadness…

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