What to Wear to Aquidneck Land Trust’s 2016 Fiesta Verde

Celebrate Aquidneck Land Trust’s annual summer bash in style with these tips

As former rigid relations between Cuba and the United States continue to soften, it will only be a matter of time before commerce, travel and leisure will become a normal occurrence.
Naturally, Old Havana continues to become an increasingly popular party theme. The nostalgia of a simpler era (think before the Cuban trade embargo in 1962) combined with the allure of endless summer opulence (think rich American tourists enjoying luxurious travel in the early twentieth century) is only bound to excite attendees of ALT’s 2016 Havana-themed FiestaVerde.

There will be live Cuban music—accompanied by plenty of dancing—Cuban-inspired food and drink by McGrath Clambakes & Caterers with delights such as a mojito bar, empanadas, “Taste of Cuba” station, and delicious tres leches cake.
For such a spectacular event contributing to a great cause, the main question isn’t deciding whether or not you’d want to attend.
It’s a matter of deciding what you’re going to wear.
For some inspiration, take a quick look at Chanel’s runway show for the fashion house’s Cruise ’16 collection held in Havana, Cuba:
Here’s the short-list of ideas:

Crisp white shirt paired with tailored, wide leg trousers. Although wearing a white shirt isn’t the most practical, this is probably the easiest outfit to replicate for the theme. Add interest to this look with a vertical stripe pant. 

Sleeveless buttondown shirt paired with an A-line skirt and statement belt. True to Dior’s 1950s New Look, it’s all about accentuating the waist. Refrain from choosing Western style belts and favor leather knots, big bows, or something with bling.

Colorful prints. Keep it light and bright—a Lily Pulitzer printed dress will work, but try a bright digital graphic print for a more contemporary edge. Feel free to avoid wearing all black everything.

Pile on the costume jewelry.Think chunky gold chain bracelets or necklaces, pearls, and intricate cocktail rings. Especially if you insist on wearing black, you better bring on the bling.

Tea-length,  “midi” dresses. Again, preferably a bright print or color. Wrap dresses are easy and comfortable to wear and can be paired with espadrilles for a more relaxed look.

The Panama Hat or straw fedora. Enough said. 

Also, if you want to fully commit to the true spirit of Old Havana, there is always the option to scour consignment shops and the internet for vintage finds.
For the short list of clothing to avoid, pass on denim, mini-skirt hemlines, polo shirts.
ALT’s “Old Havana Nights” party will take place on Saturday, July 23rd at Sweet Berry Farm in Middletown, RI. A cocktail reception is followed by dinner, music, dancing, a raffle, and a spirited silent auction of artwork, jewelry, gifts and getaway packages. For more information and tickets, please visit the event page.

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