Bottomless Brunch in the West Village

I went to NYU last Sunday to see one of my best friends from college present a policy framework proposal for the 2016 Policy Case Competition.

Before Steph and her teammates arrived, I walked around NYU, Washington Square Park and found a place to grab Sunday brunch at a great bar called The Half Pint. I was happily enjoying my delicious farmer’s market omelet and mimosa when one of the bartenders told me that bottomless brunch was only $18—if a mimosa was $9 each, it only makes sense to do it up.

I thought I was done after two, but then Steph and her teammates met me at the bar. So I had another while I waited for them. Then another when they got there…

Several things happen when you find the bottom of bottomless brunch.

First, the denial that you found the bottom—isn’t it supposed to be bottomless?

You look up from your #? mimosa and notice the bartenders kind of judge you.

And then you wonder if you’re being irresponsible.

But then you realize that it’s Sunday. And it’s your day off.

And then you don’t really care that the bartenders are kind of judging you.

Actually, you feel great.

You dispel any thought that you’re being irresponsible—it’s not like you’re driving or you’re at a networking event—so you tell yourself that you’re simply trying to live and make your white everygirl dreams come true.


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