Alegre Makes Shopping Easy for the Trendy Girl on a Budget

Check out downtown Westport’s latest addition to its shopping district

Alegre is a new women’s boutique in Westport, CT for the trendy, chic, smart shopper!
There has been a lot of comings and goings in Westport over the past year—Wishlist, Blue Lemon and Post 54 have closed while Lester’s and new boutiques, including Alegre, have opened. 
It’s easy for me to be biased—I work there—but several things set Alegre apart from the rest…
Guilt-free shopping
Let’s be honest—most of the stores in Westport are expensive, especially if you’re trying to shop for a tween or teenager. In high school, my friends and I went to Westport to shop, but we wouldn’t be able to really buy anything without coming back with our moms. Alegre’s price points are super affordable and, unlike some stores, don’t elicit guilt for buying one t-shirt.
New-new nearly everyday 
Alegre gets new merchandise every other day—if you come in twice a week, chances are you’ll find several new things. 

Mother-daughter shopping
Sure, Alegre is definitely for the trendy “girl” on a budget, but there are plenty of clothes that fashionable women can wear, too. My mom has already come to the store a few times and bought jeans.
The layout is open
If you walk down the main strip of shops in Westport, they’re crammed together and can feel a bit claustrophobic during sales. Alegre is located on the corner of Post Road and Bay Street—the same plaza as Steven Mancini Salon—and has a beautiful, open space that’s easy for shopping, not to mention…
There’s parking on Bay Street and behind the building
No need to circle the Starbucks or library parking lots for ages.
After moving from Newport last fall and job hunting in New York City this winter, I’m happy to say that I’ve joined Alegre as an assistant manager. I wasn’t sure if moving back to Connecticut from Rhode Island was the right decision, but since the store has opened, this is probably the most stable I’ve felt career-wise since last summer. 
… Having bartaco down the road doesn’t hurt the situation, either.
Be sure to follow Alegre’s Instagram and Facebook to get the latest on new arrivals and updates!

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