Marc Allen Kicks Off Shopping Benefit for Child & Family

In the spirit of the giving season, Marc Allen Fine Clothiers will launch its shopping benefit for Child & Family on Tuesday, Nov. 17 through Sunday, Nov. 21.

Marc Streisand, president and owner of Marc Allen, is excited to make a difference for one of Rhode Island’s oldest social service providers. “There are so many charities in this state that it’s hard to divide and conquer which ones you want to support,” says Streisand. “When I write a check, I want to know it’s going to make a difference.”
During the sale, 25% of every purchase at Marc Allen will be donated to Child & Family and benefit children and families in need in our community. The proceeds will be specifically funding birthday parties for children. 

The relationship between Child & family and the Providence-based luxury menswear brand began at the first annual Au Courant fashion show benefit in 2012. Sponsored by StyleWeek Northeast, the ticket sales from Au Courant went to Child & Family.

Streisand had been on the Board of Directors for Au Courant from start, but the date of the event always happened to be scheduled during a time when Streisand was out of town…

Until this year, when Sarah Hiebner, a member of the Board of Directors from Child & Family, approached Streisand and asked him to be the chairman for Au Courant 2015.

Although Au Courant had been a local success among the Newport crowd, there was also a need to raise awareness of Child & Family throughout the state and beyond sourthern Rhode Island. 

Streisand admitted he was hesitant to accept at first. 
“I was kind of a little skeptical,” explains Streisand, “because I didn’t know enough about the charity and I didn’t know a lot of people down in Newport.”

After doing more research and meeting with Child & Family’s Executive Director Keith Tavares and the staff, Streisand became more passionate about the helping the charity achieve its goals to help families in Newport County and Rhode Island. In the end, he did agreed to chair Au Courant 2015.

“Au Courant was very successful and I’ve kept in close communication with Mr. Taveras and others [at Child & Family] and they keep on doing good things.”

Streisand was given the freedom to choose where his sales proceeds could be allocated, so he decided to donate it towards funding children’s birthday celebrations.
“When I donate my money to charity, it’s got to be something that I’m passionate about,” says Streisand. “I want whatever I do to make a difference.”

“To give a kid a birthday party? That’s awesome.”

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