A Brief Hiatus, Explained

I’ve said that I’ve dropped the ball on blogging on a regular basis before, but this time I’ll be honest and say that I’ve really gotten off track lately.

This past summer and early fall has been a crazy one—on top of already working with existing social media clients, I’ve switched jobs twice, as well as had to deal with more personal affairs, and have spent more time outside of Newport visiting New York City and Connecticut. 
I have been blogging consistently—it’s just that I’ve been doing it for work at Laura Jean instead of here…
In an effort to get back on a regular schedule, I’ll aim to blog every day in October. Some posts will be more throwbacks to catch up on what’s happened over the past six weeks (like Lie Sangbong’s show during NYFW), but hopefully I’ll be doing a better job managing work and play!

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Social Media Addict | Francophile | Fashionista

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