Marvin Gardens’ Closing Sale

My parents and I were on our way to Tusk & Cup when we saw that Marvin Gardens was hosting a going-out-of-business sale for their retail storefront on Danbury Road. While we were walking around the property and looking at the wrought iron gates, horse statues, and antique patio chairs, I was wishing that I had my own house and garden to redesign…
I did manage to find a few treasures–three vintage French books published by Flammarion. According to eBay, they have very little monetary value, but they’re great books that I can bring with me wherever I go, just like How to Be Parisian Wherever You Are.
Although Marvin Gardens is closing the brick-and-mortar location, the company will still be offering their services (container gardening, garden design consultation, holiday decorating, etc.) and attending other events and shows (Trade Secrets, The Brimfield Antique Market).

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