Senior Week in Snapshots

It’s Day 2 of being a Salve Regina University alumna and I still don’t know how I feel about it. Fifteen days ago, I couldn’t wait to finish writing my thesis. In some weird way, I almost miss agonizing over it, because writing a 30-page paper was one of my few worries in life…
Spending time with all of my friends during Senior Week was the perfect way to end our four-year journey in Newport, Rhode Island.  After sorting through all of the photos taken from Senior Week, it only makes sense to let the moments speak for themselves…
I still can’t believe it’s actually over.
Senior Week, Day 1: Mohegan Sun The Beach
Instead of going on the class trip to Mohegan Sun, Rowan, Alexandra, and I went to the beach. We’re not really gamblers, so it was definitely worth it.
Senior Week, Day 2: Dockside
Everyone went to Dockside downtown. I was pretty happy wearing this dress with the black boots I bought in Paris. It’s too bad that all of pictures I took turned out blurry…
Senior Week, Day 3: Clambake at Ochre Court
The novelty of eating lobster never gets old… It doesn’t get more fun than spilling the containers of butter across the table.
From Left: Steph, me, Rowan, Alexandra and Aly
These girls are everything. Love them all to the moon and back. 
Senior Week, Day 4: Commencement Ball
The Commencement Ball is basically like Senior Prom all over again. You’ll see what I mean.
…Except you weren’t allowed to drink at Senior Prom…
Senior Week, Day 5: Cocktail Party
After a long week of shameless drinking and eating–especially eating, though–I was afraid that I wasn’t going to fit into this dress. To wear this dress, you have be zipped in from the back and the front. 
Pell Honors Program Scholars: Not all of them are pictured, but these are the people that I knew the most throughout my four years. We lived in the same housing as underclassmen, we took the same core curriculum courses, we went to Oxford, England… An amazing, unforgettable group of individuals I will miss seeing around campus.
The Alumni Affairs gave the fundraising officers for the Class of 2014 one of these awesome tiles. I can’t wait to bring this to my office.
A last look at Ochre Court before graduation weekend

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