Find of the Week | 17 and a Few Thoughts

My mom and I were out running errands yesterday when I suggested we check out the shops in Westport. It was a gorgeous spring day and well worth taking advantage of the warmer weather. We stopped into several shops, including Theory and Calypso St. Barth’s, but we found some great deals at Loft and Gap.

While my mom was at an appointment, I camped out at Starbucks and worked on my thesis research.


I would be more than happy to have most of my career clothing to be completely from Theory…
As far as Calypso St. Barth’s, I would shop here for my island-hopping and warm weather travels… 
I am still amazed at the bargains I scored: Marisa Straight Leg pants by Loft (originally $69.50, bought on sale for $14.88); GBalance yoga pants by GapFit (originally $39.50, bought on sale for $7.69)
Faux leather bow bracelet by Gap (originally $14.95, bought on sale for $5.58)
On a personal note, as much as I admire higher-end fashion brands, I don’t think you need a million dollars to achieve the million-dollar look. If you don’t have the budget to buy a Hermes handbag or a Theory suit, why devote so much of your resources–not just your money, but also your time–to obtain it when there are so many other lines that can probably give off the same look? Unless you wear your clothes inside out so everyone can see the label, you’re the only one who really knows the difference.
If you have the spending money to buy the Birkin, then that’s awesome–you probably deserve it. Otherwise, bargain hunt, thrift shop, or clothes swap with your friends–save your money for the trip you’ve always wanted to go on or your rent for next month.
You know what they say: money can’t buy style. 

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