Christmas 2013

I think I got on the Nice List with my parents Santa this year for Christmas: 
From Santa: I folded it in the picture, but it’s a rust orange Hi-Lo tunic, paired with a tribal knit scarf. It’ll be a cute outfit with leggings and booties.
From Santa: The picture doesn’t do this blouse justice, it’ll be great to wear to work next semester with pants and heels.
From Santa: I have a ton of coloured, plaid, knit scarves, so it’s nice to have a light/dark neutral contrast graphic scarf.
From Santa: I bought a long, camel coloured puffer coat earlier this season, so I wanted to get a short, black puffer coat. It’ll be nice to have two different options in Paris.
From Santa: I no longer have to bring a beach towel to hot yoga classes ever again…
I meant to get a keyboard for my tablet last Christmas, but we kept forgetting to buy it. Now I have a bluetooth wireless keyboard!
I also got a few nice things from my brothers, Ryan, and Maribeth, one of my social media clients:

From Adam: I really liked this striped tee, but it was a little too big…
When my family and I went to the mall, we returned the tee and exchanged it for two dresses.
From Dylan: My first Moleskine! I plan on having this on me at all times.
From Ryan: I got a book safe and a larger France travel guide! Between Dylan’s Moleskine and this Fodor’s travel book, I’ll be taking copious notes before I leave for Paris in less than two weeks!
(also) From Ryan: I have a pair of black, sporty cloth texting gloves, but I really wanted another pair of texting gloves that looked a little more dressy. I’ve been obsessed with beige, tan and camel lately, so these are perfect.
From Maribeth: I was with Maribeth when she was ordering Kiel James Patrick bracelets for her store, KC Shoes. I was very happy to have this as a Christmas present, I’ll be wearing it often! 

Leighton’s Lost Ocean bracelet, Kiel James Patrick 

Always remember that it’s the thought and the intention of the gift giver that’s the most important, not the gift itself!

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