The Newport Gallery Organization and Egg & Dart

With the fall semester wrapping up, I ended my internship with the Newport Gallery Organization, a small non-profit dedicated to promoting fine arts and culture in Newport, R.I. There are 25 working artists/gallery owners in downtown Newport and Middletown who participate in the Newport Gallery Organization. Because each one of the galleries has a distinct style and variety of art, there is something for everyone to appreciate and enjoy. 
I do appreciate the classic-inspired art, contemporary art, which is inspired by modern sensibilities, is what fascinates me the most.
Egg & Dart on 136 Bellevue Avenue is one of my favorite galleries in Newport. I highly encourage visiting the gallery before the end of the month–Egg and Dart will be closed through the spring while it changes locations elsewhere in Newport. 

Fact: Promoting the arts and cultural goods serves as a major economic driver for a community.
While interning at the Newport Gallery Organization, I learned more about how small businesses and non-profits operate. There are a lot of obstacles these organizations face in comparison to corporate, for-profit business, but smaller organizations tend to be driven by a more passionate and more authentic philosophy. I am extremely grateful to have worked with many hard-working, creative individuals and I hope to stay involved and aware of the arts community in Newport.

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