The Beach and a Burger, Books and a Barbour

I am blessed to split my time between the two most beautiful areas of Rhode Island: Narragansett and Newport. 
On Sunday, my parents and I got our beach passes and stayed at the beach for a few hours. As of this year, beach passes will be photo IDs–just like a driver’s license. The process itself is kind of like going to the DMV–waiting in line with your current license and registration– but at least you have an ocean view and easy access to Del’s. 
From the beach, Ryan, who decided to visit on his way back to Boston, picked me up and we went to Crazy Burger for lunch. I have been meaning to go there for years and I’m happy to finally have made it, because the Silly Turkey Burger (made with risotto) is amazing! Ryan and I worked off lunch by going to Galilee, then mini-golfing at Adventureland.
We finished off the day with dinner at my house and a Brickley’s waffle cone of Peanut Butter Cup and Fudge Brownie ice cream.

Inside Crazy Burger–I had no patience to take a picture of my burger, I was too excited/too hungry

Starting yesterday, I’ve been taking advantage of the time between Job 1 and Job 2, checking out new stores and grabbing a cup of coffee for the afternoon. Today I went to my two favorite stops on Spring Street–Royal Male and Island Books.

After I save up for France, I plan on rewarding myself with a Barbour jacket.

Rose garden on Spring Street
I felt obligated to buy something at Island Books, so I got the latest issue of Cosmopolitan. I grabbed a free issue of the Anglophile newspaper Union Jack in Royal Male.
Bella resting Day 2 of post-surgery

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