NPT/NGT: Keeping Up Appearances at the End of the Year

A Brief Recap:
1. This semester has been the most stressful time. Can’t wait for finals to be over this week!
2. After finals are over, my first Newport summer starts! I’ll be living in Newport and working two jobs–one with the university, the other at Gossip on Thames Street.
3. In addition to working two jobs, I will also keep up social media consulting in Narragansett. It’s been such a blast working with small businesses to help them maximize their social media presence.
4. Because this blog is running out of storage space (yikes) , I am contemplating starting a new one. Updates coming soon!
Free People Sweater Poncho, Gossip Boutique; Chili Pepper White Cardigan, Winged Monkey; Tank Top, Old Navy; American Eagle Floral Shorts, Crosswynds Traders; American Eagle Sandals, Crosswynds Traders

I modeled some new arrivals at KC Shoes at the Pier in Narragansett. Aren’t these summer dresses amazing?

Nautical Stripe Hi Lo Dress in Black or Navy

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