NPT/NGT/WKD: Macaron Hoarder and Gossip

For one of my communications classes, I have to start a blog. I asked if I could just keep working on Penser, but my professor is having everyone work on a blog from scratch.

So, now I have a second blog, Macaron Hoarder, on WordPress. It will be different from Penser in that Macaron Hoarder will focus specifically on my Francophile obsessions in style and art. My latest post is about Kim Kardashian and Kanye West on the cover of L’Officiel Hommes.

I have a lot of catching up to do for the past week from my internship at Gossip.

 We’re working hard to move some clearance and sale inventory to make room for new summer arrivals. It’s been hard to resist buying heavily discounted Free People…

Night Out–the leopard skirt is on sale for only $20, originally $68…
Free People sweater dresses marked down to $38.00, originally $98.00
Free People velour tunics marked down to $38.00, originally $68.00
The two outfits below aren’t on sale:

Double Vision–I love these Free People shorts. They’re available in Turquoise, Electric Purple, Watermelon, Camel, and Gravel.

Hippie Chick–The sweater dress pattern might be outlandish, but it’s cut like a figure skater dress with a form fitting torso and an A line shape. The headband I’m modeling is a good way to add some extra spirit to it. 
Also, Gossip is currently hosting a $100 Gift Card Giveaway once the Facebook page reaches 1,000 likes, so you should like their page 🙂

**NOTE: From now on, I’ve decided to shorten my blog titles–no more long form of “Newport/Narragansett/Wickford.”

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