Newport/Narragansett/Wickford: Single Lady Valentine

This past Thursday was the first Valentine’s Day I had been single in two years, but I survived. Overall, with work, class, and internship, the day was fairly quick and painless. My mother surprised me with a Hershey’s bar in my day clutch. Plus, Lauren, my roommate from Oxford, dropped off one of the sweetest valentines I have ever received–a box of chocolates and a yellow rose.

Nautical Meets Tribal look at Gossip Boutique, Wickford
After class today, I dropped by Kristina Richards to check out the boutique’s clearance sale. I bought a pair of J Brand pants (marked down to $20) and a pair of Boutique 9 booties ($50) for the best deal ($70?!). I also picked up a cute pair of red skinny pants at Gap for less than $17.
These were reduced to $50, even though the price tag doesn’t say so 🙂

I’m really excited to get my hair done at JF3 Salon again with Tara and dyeing my hair blonde!

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