Newport/Wickford/Narragansett: So It Begins (Again)

After completing the first week back at university, I don’t feel  nearly as busy or stressed as last semester. Those are famous last words, but I have a good feeling.

I decided to drop one of my classes, Morality & Politics, so I am no longer overloading. As a result, I had enough room to sign up for the French Film Festival one-credit workshop. All it entails is watching six French films and writing summaries about them. I couldn’t be happier with my schedule now.

I started my internship at Gossip on Thursday and it went really well, considering I missed the right exit on the main road and showed up a half-hour late. I picked out some clothing and accessories at the store and created an “outfit of the day” picture to post on their Facebook page. Then, I helped Leslie, the manager, refresh some product displays.

Before I left Newport for the weekend, I stopped by Green Envy Eco-Boutique. I had been meaning to send letters, greeting cards, postcards, or something to friends out of town, so I picked up two Fair Trade greeting cards by Sanctuary Spring, made in the Philippines. On the back of the card, it has the signature of the artisan who made it.

Tonight, our family will be welcoming another Yorkshire terrier–we already decided to name her Emma. Since the age difference between Bella and Spike and Pru is fairly large–Spike and Pru are nearly a decade older than B–we thought it best that Bella should have a girlfriend to hang out with.

Thursday’s Outfit: Sweater, vintage; Leggings, Gap; Boots, Michael Kors
Friday’s Outfit: Cardigan, Jack Wills; Blouse, Four Stars; Jeans, Martin + Osa; Boots, Dolce Vita

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