Wickford/Narragansett: Tying Loose Ends and Finding New Ways to Procrastinate

I went to Gossip in Wickford to finalize the details of my spring internship, which was a good excuse to get out of the house. After successfully parallel parking and a warm meeting with Gossip’s manager, I stopped by Mermaid’s Purl for yarn and Book Garden, a secondhand bookstore, for a fresh new read. I found The Dressmaker, a novel by Elizabeth Birkelund Oberbeck–this will definitely be my top tool of procrastination. 
As it started to snow, I was happy to discover two fashion documentaries on HBO Go that had aired last year– In Vogue: The Edtior’s Eye and About Face: Supermodels Then and Now. Watching the documentaries consecutively revealed the relationship between the fashion editor, the fashion photographer, and the fashion model. Although neither documentary was focused on photographers specifically, they are key individuals that are in charge of capturing the moment and the meaning the editor wants in the magazine. The late photographer Richard Avedon, as well as Diana Vreeland, was mentioned a countless number of times.

The spring semester starts tomorrow, but the snowfall may dictate otherwise. I wouldn’t mind having one more day to squeeze in one more documentary…


Today’s Outfit: Vest, (from Costco); Sweater, aerie; Scarf, Gap; Leggings, Gap; Bag, Call It Spring

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