Newport/Narragansett: Dreaming of a Paris Summer

For the past few days, I have been so preoccupied trying to figure out what I am doing this coming summer.
Am I living and working at university? Or am I working and/or interning  in Newport then commuting from home?
Or, should I find an internship in Boston and commute from home?
Or maybe I should take courses at RISD or FIT for fashion and ditch interning for the summer, wait to do so in the fall?
Can my ultimate dream be realized–is it possible for me to study or intern abroad at La Sorbonne in Paris?

There is an all-inclusive program with AIFS Abroad that has courses in French language and a course on French Fashion held at Institut de Langue et de la Culture Francaises (ILCF). It includes excursions, board, and has the option to include airfare with a three-day orientation in London before classes start. 
Not going to lie, this winter break has been more agonizing than restful, but I am happy to start planning now.  I have also started scholarship hunting like crazy…
Besides work and repose and daydreams, I plan on trying to catch up on some beauty sleep. 
I spent most of Friday updating Facebook and Twitter for work. I used Instagram to make nice profile pictures.
Window-shopping at Pleasant Surprise in the Brick Market Place on break
Friday’s Outfit: Sweater, vintage; Scarf, (handmade); Jeans, American Eagle; Boots, (from Tropical Gangsters)
Today’s Outfit: Sweater, H&M; Scarf, H&M; Jeans, American Eagle; Boots, Dolce Vita

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