Narragansett: Eve of New Year’s Eve

Happy Eve of the Eve of the New Year!
As New Year’s Eve approaches, I tidied the house–except my bedroom, which could probably use a cleaning overhaul itself–and packed up for tomorrow in Boston. I packed my new Greylin tank from my boyfriend, gold Coach platforms and gold Juicy Couture jacket in my new Jack Wills overnight bag. Absoultely fabulous.
On a not-so-fabulous note, I did a botch job on my manicure. It could be worse, but I am happy I got to play around with these nail polishes from Jack Wills. Next time I will stick to solid manicures.
I already covered most of the basic tips already, but here are a few small suggestions to add to your regimen last minute. I hope these friendly reminders help you make a more glamourous entrance to the 2013!
Three Day DIY Prep for New Year’s Eve: Day 3
Drink water. Exercise. Reduce sweets. Sleep.
Nail it and get a manicure–The day before an event is the best time to get your nails done. Pick a fun color combination to ring in the New Year!
Don’t fill up on seconds–Before you decide you really need it, drink a glass of water and wait fifteen minutes. Sometimes a drink of water is all you needed.
Have a spot of green tea–Green tea is a great for many things, including your complexion. Have several cups of the brew during the day.

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