Narragansett: Snowed In and Day 2 of NYE Beauty Prep

I started to plan a short trip to Wakefield or Jack Wills in Newport when the icy rain started to fall, so naturally, I stayed in the house. It snowed several inches today and will continue to do so until midnight or later tomorrow. 
I downloaded HuluPlus on my tablet and found Elite New Face, a HuluPlus exclusive television show about Elite Model Management‘s search for the next hot international model. I like it so far and I hope that there are more fashion-related shows available on HuluPlus to hold me over until the new season of Downton Abbey premieres next year–Sunday January 6, 2013 on PBS.
For the second day of my beauty prep for New Year’s Eve, I will admit I did not do as well as I should have, but here goes nothing:
Three Day DIY Prep for New Year’s Eve: Day 2

Keep drinking water!
Get up and move–Thankfully it’s not yet bikini season, but doing a light workout will make you feel better when you slip into your dress on the big night. Also, by starting a workout before the New Year, it will make your healthy resolutions hold up. I like finding workouts on Pinterest and trying them out at my leisure (you can check out my fitness board here).
Give your sweet tooth a break–Reducing the amount of sweets you’re eat will help cancel out the inevitable overindulgence of food and drink on New Year’s Eve. Your mid-section will thank you.
Spot treatment any problem areas–If you still have blemishes, be sure to keep treating them with a dab of a mask or other blemish therapy. Apparently a small dab of toothpaste is rumoured to help bring them down…?
Sleep–You will be staying up plenty late enough New Year’s Eve. Rest up!
Today’s Outfit–I found a few sweaters in Connecticut yesterday brought them back. This is a lambswool and angora blend sweater in lavender that was once my grandmother’s.

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