Newport: Boutique Hopping, Holiday Shopping

My holiday shopping has gone really well so far this season–if only I was just as productive when it came to finishing my homework! Here’s a walk through of what I have bought so far, as well as my boutique hopping activities from today:

Yesterday (Thursday)
I went to Closet Revival off Broadway in between classes. Tuesdays and Thursdays are my class-heavy days, so I usually don’t go off campus till after, but I had the sudden urge to go for a drive that led me to a store (of course!). I found two handsome plaid scarves that are 1970s vintage revivals. I kidnapped my father’s old scarf, which is of the same period, and it’s quite stylish. 
The total cost for both scarves would have been $35, but the owner was kind and took $5 off.
Today (Friday)
My boutique hopping started immediately after work. Apothecary Newport was my first stop–I had a complimentary makeup application by Olivia, a Stila makeup artist. I am a devout customer of Bare Escentuals when it comes to the basics–foundation, blush, bronzer, powder–but I have been looking for a line that has eye makeup that stays in place. Olivia used the “in the know” eye shadow palette to create the smokey eye look. She also used nude lipstick and gloss, a look I have always averted, but it added a nice softness to my complexion. 
The Big Reveal
I did not end up buying the products Olivia used for the makeover, but I definitely took notes. Before I left Apothecary, I picked up my go-to bareMinerals Blemish Therapy and got a holiday goody bag filled with beauty samples. 
Holiday sets by bareMinerals!
Beauty samples from bareMinerals and Mario Badescu and a copy of Newport Life Magazine
After a mini-study break to read Guy de Maupassant’s Bel-Ami, I was happy to figure out that it was the Bellevue Holiday Stroll to promote small business holiday shopping, so I made a spontaneous stop at Laura Jean Denim Shop. Since I will be writing an article about the boutique next week, it seemed like a good idea to stop in and familiarize myself with the luxury brands sold there. There was a cute knit sweater dress by MinkPink I tried on and put on a wishlist at the store. I also talked with Laura Flynn, the owner, and the other boutique associates over hot cider and Christmas cookies before heading out to meet a few friends at Starbucks.
From Starbucks, we went to a holiday shopping party at Jack Wills. I have been really good about buying local lately, but there is something about Jack Wills that I still cannot resist–it’s amazing! I bought a gift for my boyfriend and received a holiday goody bag with a set of headphones, a beanie, and a wallet. 
My boyfriend wanted to know what he got for Christmas–he’ll have to wait 25 more days to find out!
Today is definitely marked as one of the most successful days of shopping in Newport, or most successful day of shopping period. 

Today’s Outfit

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