Newport/Narragansett: Green Envy Eco Boutique, Jack Wills, and Another Round of Starbucks

With the semester starting to wrap up and the holiday season coming around the corner, I have been thinking about several things:
  1. What gifts am I getting for everyone?!
  2. Where to buy the gifts (local, of course)
  3. How much I need to save from my work paycheck aka how much I need to cut back on Starbucks

Monday’s Outfit: Cardigan, Pants, and Shirt, Gap; Belt, Forever 21; Flats, Nomad

Thankfully, an assignment for a journalism class inspired me to write about Green Envy Eco Boutique. So, on Wednesday, I went and interview the wonderful boutique owner, Rachel, to discuss the importance and rising trend of Fair Trade and organic products. Green Envy offers many unique gifts that are ethically produced and well made–a good stop for holiday shopping! Rachel and I had a great discussion and I hope that the article will be up on the university’s newspaper site by the end of the weekend!

Wednesday’s Outfit: Cardigan, Martin & Osa, Shirt, Express; Pants, Gap; Flats, Primark

Bamboo journals made in the Philippines
Later Wednesday evening, I attended a lecture, “It’s Worse Than It Looks” held by the Pell Center and Dr. Thomas Mann, which discussed how Congress has been in disarray and unable to accomplish any major achievements to help the American people. In case you didn’t know, Congress has a meager approval rating of 9%. 
As far as term papers and final projects are going for classes… Let’s not explore the subject any further, because there is nothing to find. Absolutely nothing there. 
Thursday’s Outfit: Sweater, vintage; Denim Shirt, Gap; Leggings, Gap; Boots, Uggs; Ring, ( from Green Eco Envy Boutique)
After work, I met up with one of my roommates from last year and caught up at, you guessed it, Starbucks. It was a pleasant surprise to learn that Starbucks was hosting their “Buy One, Get One Free” holiday drink special, so naturally we both got Gingerbread Lattes. When we finished our coffees, we walked down the street to Jack Wills
Last year, Jack Wills had a Christmas party, but nothing like what they have planned for this year. The goodie bag alone is enough of a motivator to attend–I am in dire need of headphones and a beanie. Plus, the wallet might be a good gift for someone. My friend and I bought tickets to the shopping event and are so excited to go in two weeks!

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