Newport/Narragansett/New York: Birthday Weekend and Voices of Gotham

Friday was my birthday–I am happy to say I am finally 20!
My boyfriend came down from Boston and we went to The Mooring in Newport and took advantage of the Newport Restaurant Week menu. 
For the appetizer, my boyfriend ordered mussels and I ordered Narragansett Little Neck clams from the Raw Bar. This was the first time I had clams raw and with tartar sauce. I managed to avoid tartar sauce for twenty years, and after trying it, I think I can do without it for another twenty. 
We both ordered swordfish for the entree course and ordered banana bread and hot chocolate for dessert. By the time we started eating dessert, we were so full. I wish I had thought to have just split one banana bread dish with my boyfriend, so we could have taken one home…
We stopped by the university to see a friend and check out the “International Event” before heading back home for cake with my family. 
Friday’s Outfit: Dress, Zara; Belt, vintage; Pumps, Nine West; Bracelet and Earrings (from Trendz)

Waiting for my boyfriend at the train station 🙂

I received my last prize from PGC 2012–Guayaki Yerba Mate products. Now I really don’t know what to do with all of the Yerba Mate I have… Probably going to donate/gift a few of them.

The Mooring–I did take pictures of the dishes, but they came out too dark. Anyways, it was absolutely delicious.

The next morning, my family and I dropped my boyfriend off to the train station before heading to New York City to see my eldest brother’s performance with the Voices of Gotham, an a cappella men’s barbershop chorus. Voices of Gotham is a part of the Barbershop Harmony Society, the largest a cappella  musical organization in the world, and was recently ranked as the thirteenth Barbershop chorus in the world.

The concert also featured the debut of Sirens of Gotham, a prospective chapter of Sweet Adelines International, the premier women’s singing organization in the world.  In addition, three quartets–Flatiron Four, Double Windsor, M’nahmana–and a nineties cover band, Uncle Jesse, were included in the program.

The concert was really fun, upbeat, and energizing. The choreography for Voices of Gotham was especially entertaining.  

What else is there is keep you running on a fall night in New York?

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