Newport/Narragansett: Election Day Recap

As you may already know, President Barack Obama was re-elected for his second-term in office… 
This was the first year I voted, via absentee ballot, and I am proud to have voted for President Obama and look forward to what lies ahead for the United States. I am hopeful that the President’s goals will gain momentum and be realized, given the next four years to show America that he can make a difference.
Here’s an excerpt from a blog post I wrote for the Pell Center Blog earlier today regarding the election:

Overall, Congress maintained the same setup it has had for the past two years–Democratic majority in the Senate, Republican majority in the House of Representatives. It is my greatest hope that the parties will finally work together and accomplish something, but there are already roadblocks in the way of building a united, cooperative Congress. Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell’s statementdoes not reflect optimism from the right. Afterall, McConnell it was McConnell who adopted the mentality to make Obama a “one term president” during the 2008 election. 

It’s this mentality of inflexibility, negativity, and self-righteousness that has kept the nation from progress. 

I hope the nasty badgering from both sides comes to a halt or, at the very least, stops in Washington D.C. . I hope that the White House is listening to the pressure put on by the American people, including President Obama and Congress, to collaborate. I hope Congress will be obliged to move beyond partisanship and create an America that benefits the whole nation. 

Now that the winners have taken their tiaras, it’s time to move past the beauty pageant, kick off those sparkling, towering high heels, and get to work.

Not only is this the election year for Obama, but I believe this is the year for America. God Bless.

In case you missed the president’s acceptance speech, here it is:

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