Newport/Narragansett: Catching Up Over Coffee and Coco; PGC 2012 Prize Product Review

I am thankful for the ending of a great Monday, because:

  1. I returned library books and collected clothes from the bipartisan cold winter clothing drive before going to class
  2. Work study was productive–check out my blog post about Election Day 2012
  3. I finally had breathing time to catch up with one friend at Starbucks and another friend  at the Mercy Center over hot coco
  4. Learned some interesting French art history (Romanticism, Impressionists, Post-Impressionists)
  5. Organized sources for one of my term papers
It’s a short list, but it’s enough to make me feel accomplished. 
For dinner, I tried out another product from one of the PGC 2012 prizes–Kamut Ditalini pasta by Eden Organic. Apparently it’s a revived ancient grain currently grown in Montana. 
This was another product I was hesitant to try, because I had never heard of it. My mother recently started buying quinoa pasta, another rare-ish food product, and that tasted great–I am happy to say the same outcome for the Kamut Ditalini.
Since I was at university and not at home, I was without a proper pasta sauce, but a light coating of parmesan cheese did the trick. This pasta would probably work best in soups.
Kamut Ditalini pasta by Eden Organic

I also got an email tonight from one of the PGC 2012 coordinators to schedule an interview for either tomorrow or Wednesday–I hope this means I could be a candidate for GreenU!

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