Newport/Narragansett: TGIF; PGC 2012 Final Exam

After getting back from university today, I spent a few hours unwinding, reading the paper and President Obama’s article in Rolling Stone magazine and enjoying a few hot cups of tea.

Earlier today was busy, as usual, but productive–I entered two submissions to the university’s Capture It! Study Abroad Photo/Essay/Film contest, picked up my two paychecks from work, collected the clothing drive bins for the Martin Luther King Center, submitted a final paper proposal.

I also completed the PGC 2012 Final Exam!

Part of the final exam for the Project Green Challenge was to make a video on YouTube or vimeo. I reread this requirement and hoped that I had read it wrong. Every time I do a video project by myself, it never goes well. I’m already at a disadvantage because I have a PC, but I am not the most tech-savvy or the most articulate watching myself on video.

This is probably the seventh or eighth take I did before calling it quits:

Regardless of whether or not I am chosen as a PGC 2012 finalist and attend GreenU, I will continue to support sustainable initiatives and promote fairness in the consumer arena. I enjoyed being a part of this growing movement among peers and I hope more young people become involved in this cause.

Four more days. Four more years. Guess who I’m voting for?
Today’s Outfit: Cardigan, Old Navy; T Shirt, H&M Conscious Label; Jeans, American Eagle; Booties, Report Footwear

On another note, Newport Restaurant Week starts today and runs through November 11th (I am very lucky that my boyfriend wants to spoil me with a birthday dinner in one week from today)! Check out the listings of participating restaurants and their delicious three course prix fixe menus–all lunches are $16 and dinners are $30. To learn more about Newport Restaurant Week, please click here!
Newport Restaurant Week Logo

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