Newport/Narragansett: Dealing Post-Sandy; PGC 2012 Days 29-31

It took a little longer than we wanted, but my family and I got our power back yesterday afternoon while I was at school. Hopefully the rest of Rhode Island will be up and running soon as well.

As everyone knows, New York and New Jersey are still suffering from major damage and will take a while to recover from the flooding and power outages. To learn how you can help those affected by Hurricane Sandy, information is provided on the American Red Cross website.

My participation in the Project Green Challenge 2012 was offset by the hurricane, but the PGC judges extended deadlines for students who experienced power outages earlier in the week. I completed PGC 2012 Day 29, Teach, which encouraged participants to think about how they would use the resources from PGC 2012 to educate others about the issues brought up in the daily challenges. Fair Trade would have had to be my favorite challenge, followed by Sustainable Agriculture, Organic Cotton, the Five Rs, and Tech/EWaste.

PGC 2012 Day 30 was a Create Your Own Challenge–I opted to not do it, because of the time needed to complete it.  I probably would have created a challenge that combined Fair Trade and Style.

The final day of challenges were surveys of how PGC 2012 made a difference, what was effective/ineffective, useful, etc. In honor of Halloween, the Greenest challenge asked participants to create an eco-friendly costume. I had no occasion to go out, but I wish I could have done a cool newspaper dress with origami folds and been an origami sculpture. Not the most original, but it would have looked cool.

I am working on completing the final exam, due next Tuesday, that will contribute to my overall PGC 2012 score that could qualify me to attend GreenU in California. Wish me luck!

Trick or Treating on Bellevue

Check out that license plate

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