Newport/Narragansett/Boston: The Life of a Shopaholic/Raging Liberal; PGC 2012 Days 22-28

If it wasn’t for Sandy cancelling classes across the Northeast, I don’t know when I would have blogged again. I have not stopped studying, working, and running around until now. Thank you Mother Nature…?
On Monday, I was allowed to leave my Paris literature course early to participate in a student forum regarding the 2012 Presidential Election. The whole day, I was dressed up for the 8:00 pm presentation.
If you haven’t been able to tell, I’m a tree-hugging, life-loving liberal. Last Monday, I was the one student representative supporting Obama against three student Republicans. While the Republicans read off their biased statistics, I responded by presenting a Storify post I created–The Myths and Memes of Romney: A Closer Look at the Five Point Plan, Big Bird, and More–which discussed my position as a Democrat and the significance of social media’s impact following the election. Maybe I did not have the most concrete information or statistics, but I think I did a decent job of articulating my opinion.
PGC 2012 Day 22 focused on The Five R’s–reduce, reuse, recycle, reform and rethink. The steps “reform” and “rethink” require people to be more engaged and realize “the power of one.” Activism is beyond sticking the right plastics in the right bins–it’s about making all of the right choices that make a difference.
This was my dinner Monday night. I ran out of time to eat it at the Mercy Center, so I brought the pot pie with me to class. Outrageous, I know.
Monday’s Outfit: Dress, Gap; Cardigan, Express; Heels, Style & Co.
PGC 2012 Day 23, Green Clean, had participants examine the chemicals found in cleaning products and research the effects of the ingredients. I chose to look at my laundry detergent, fabric softener, and Meyer’s Organic soap. As you can guess, the Meyer’s was in the clear–not so much the detergent and fabric softener. Both products claimed to use biodegradable materials, but their ingredients were found to impair lung function and cause cancer. And those products are being used to clean my clothes that I will wear on my skin? Not okay.
Tuesday’s Outfit: Jacket, Express; Sweater, Old Navy; Jeans, American Eagle; Bag (from New York City); Booties, (from Tropical Gangsters)

The challenge “Take Part” on PGC 2012 Day 24  rehashed some of the Eco Hero challenge and the  Wellness challenge Extra Credit.  One part of the challenge was to choose two Ted talks and discuss their personal relevance. My favorite Ted talk of all time would probably have to be Aimee Mullins and her lecture about beauty, because it showed that people are not disabled from being beautiful because of how they look, but rather beauty is accessible by enabling a positive attitude. 
I began an archival project on Senator Pell’s office in the Pell Center. It’s going to be a process.

Wednesday’s Outfit: Cardigan, Chili Pepper; Tank Top, Old Navy; Leggings, Gap; Uggs, LUV; Bracelets, Primark; Necklace (a Christmas gift from my boyfriend)

I was happy to complete the Water challenge for PGC 2012 Day 25, because it is something my university is passionate about, a passion that I have developed since freshman year. The Sisters of Mercy are concerned about access to fresh water around the world for the poor and believe that it is a right to have fresh water.

Thursday’s Outfit: Cardigan, Old Navy; Camisole, Victoria’s Secret; Jeans, Ed Hardy; Flats, Nomad; Hat, Banana Republic

Friday I went to Boston to visit my boyfriend. As a result, I did not do PGC 2012 Day 26… Considering that’s the only challenge I completely missed–I at least try to do “Green” level challenges–it was worth enjoying the time walking around town.

Friday’s Outfit: Cardigan, Martin and Osa; Leggings, Gap; Boots, Michael Kors; Scarf, Gap; T Shirt,  Miley for Max Azria

The next morning, I went to a RISD workshop I signed up for in the summer–“Fall Fashion: Look Like a Million Bucks with Ease” taught by personal shopper Jeanne Curry Mooney.

It was basically a walking tour of the best places to shop in Boston and learn how to wear the season’s trends for one’s personal style, not for the sake of fashion. We walked from Copley Place to Newbury Street, passing through department stores and designer consignment shops. I was happy to know that I already understood what Mooney talked about, but she was a great instructor and the experience was inspiring.

My boyfriend was able to pick me up and drop me off from where the workshop began and ended. Even though I was gone for a few hours, we had a really fun visit that will hold us over until he visits me for my birthday in a few weeks.

pinkyotto– cute, flirty boutique

Second Time Around, which sells mostly designer consignment, has several locations in Boston

The Closet has been rated the best designer consignment shop in Boston. When you go inside, you’ll understand why–it’s packed with gorgeous clothes and accessories!


Anthropologie–Mooney works for Anthropologie as a personal shopper. It’s a great  store.

We didn’t go into LIT on Newbury, but I remember taking a look once with my boyfriend over the summer 

Bobbles and Lace had really cute shoes for reasonable prices. I definitely want to come back here–and everywhere else!

Madewell. Of course.

So Good offers a TON of jewelry at a low price. I definitely want to come back here for accessories.

Saturday’s Outfit: Sweater, vintage; Scarf, Gap; Bag (from New York City); Leggings, Gap; Boots, Michael Kors

After a long week, I stayed in today, did homework, and enjoyed the generous holiday from PGC 2012. Tomorrow is when Hurricane Sandy makes her grand entrance to Rhode Island, so fingers crossed everyone stays safe!

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