Newport/Narragansett: Wading Through Wednesday; PGC 2012 Day 17

It’s been so busy–I would love to sleep again eventually! I’ve been getting up early, but moving more lethargically. That’s really not okay.
After French, I went to work at the Pell Center and wrote a blog post on the lecture and the presidential debate. Everyone I talked to about the lecture thought that it was too boring, but I would argue that the discussion of faithful citizenship in the voting boot and beyond was very interesting. 
From work, I conducted my work for PGC 2012 Day 17 challenge, School Food. As I will not for the umpteenth time, I do not live on campus or have a meal plan–you cannot gain admission into the dining hall without having a meal plan. Thankfully, the lunch lady recognized me and let me in so I could take pictures. People kept looking at me like I was crazy, probably asking themselves “What is that girl doing taking pictures all over the cafeteria?” Hopefully they just briefly passed judgment, called me weird, and moved on.
My favorite part of today’s challenge was talking with peers and faculty about what the dining hall services could do to improve the health and sustainability of the food. It amazed me how everyone offered different suggestions and opinions, but those ideas could really contribute to the betterment of campus dining.  
Miley Dining Hall- the main dining facility on campus
The cafeteria uses local milk provided by Rhody Fresh

I never noticed until today that there was a sustainability wall with all of the dining services’ initiatives to go green. 

One part of today’s challenge was comparing a conventional vending machine and its snacks to an alternative list of healthier snacks we had to find.  
Today’s Outfit: Scarf, Old Navy; Sweater, Simply Vera by Vera Wang; Tights, Hue; Dress, vintage; Boots, LUV

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