Newport/Narragansett: Presidential Debate Watch and PGC 2012 Day 16

It was a long day–I was on campus from 8:30 am this morning until 11:00 pm.

Between a full day of classes and staying for a lecture and the presidential debate watch, with some class reading in between, I did not have time to do the higher levels of PGC 2012 Day 16 challenge on paper. As much as I want to dedicate all of my time to PGC 2012, become a high-scoring finalist, and be able to go to the “Green University” conference in California, I need to remember that I have research papers and take-home midterms to take care of first.

Dr. Peter Steinfels of Fordham University was the featured lecturer prior to the debate watch, co-hosted by the Pell Center for International Relations, the Mercy Center, and the Religious & Theological Studies Department. The theme of his lecture was “Faithful Partisanship in a Partisan World,” which discussed the role of religion, specifically in Catholicism, and how it creates tension for voters, because of the clash of personal, religious, and societal interests. Dr. Steinfels emphasized the importance of “the Cardinal virtue of prudence,” which ultimately guides other virtues.

It is interesting to see how the role of religion can be illustrated in a contemporary light. What I enjoyed about this lecture, was that the notion of faithful citizenship exists beyond election day, but should also be in our every day lives.

Today’s Outfit: Vest; Pants, Gap; Sweater, Old Navy; Shoes, Ralph Lauren; Scarf, (from Crosswynds Traders)
I liked this outfit better when the vest was worn in its reverse

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