Newport/Boston: New England Aquarium, PGC 2012 Day 13

My boyfriend and I had a really nice day in Boston.
We met at the New England Aquarium early this morning. I was on a school trip and he had never gone, so we took advantage of the opportunity to see it together. The aquarium was under construction–the main tank with the sharks and everything was empty and covered with plastic–but it was still cool to see the blue penguins and a seadragon. 

Marlin and Coral–Nemo is in the anenome

 After the aquarium, we went to the Paris Creperie food truck I spotted on the street and ate a delicious Nutella and Strawberry crepe. From there, we hung out at Northeastern and made hot ciders before going to the food truck festival down the road. It was really busy, so we decided to get mac and cheese at Faneuil Hall. I was pleased to see that there were USDA Organic greens used in the salads.

I wish the day was longer, but it was a perfect Saturday together. The only “problem” was when I got back and had to still complete PGC 2012 Day 13, Eco Hero, assignment. I chose to do Jessica Alba and her company, the Honest Company. She is one of my favorite fashion icons and I fully support her mission to provide healthier and safer products for babies and families. 
Today’s Outfit: Jacket, Express; Boots, Michael Kors; Skirt, Gap; Tote, LV; Scarf, (by Mom)

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