Newport/Narragansett: Sweaters on Sweaters on Sweaters, PGC 2012 Days 9-12

In case you haven’t noticed already, it’s getting cold. It’s hard to believe last week I wore sandals–now I’m thinking about pulling out my trapper hat for Boston tomorrow.
Tuesday’s challenge focused on the benefits of gardening. One component of PGC 2012 Day 9 required to take a picture of a community garden–I chose to photograph my university’s vegetable garden. The dining services and students take care of it, which is great because it’s an effort on both fronts to make the university meet its sustainability goals. Another component of the challenge was to plant an organic seed. When I got home that night, I ate an apple, took the seeds out of the core, got a cup, ran outside, quickly scooped up some soil in the dark, went back inside, then put the seeds in the cup. It will be a miracle if anything grows. 

Tuesday’s Outfit: Sweater, aerie; Jeans, Express; Vest, Gap; Scarf, BCBG Max Azria; Boots, Coach; Earrings (from Trendz)
Salve Regina University’s vegetable garden
Let’s hope this guy survives!

Wednesday was a bit of a whirlwind. Work study kept me busy, updating information and a few Powerpoint presentations. I do not remember much else except completing PGC 2012 Day 10 on Zero Waste and learning I won a “Greener” level prize for my entry on PGC 2012 Day 8, Meatless Monday–that was the highlight of my day.

Wednesday’s Outfit: Sweater, Juicy Couture; Top, Gap; Pants, Gap; Boots, (from Tropical Gangsters)

I had to take a picture of single-use items I use on a daily basis then find reusable alternatives for them

I don’t really remember what I did yesterday either, everything is such a blur–wake up, get dressed, drive to Newport, and get to class. And PGC 2012 Day 11, of course, which focused on voicing awareness about a social issue. It also had a component which required a video or written submission about an important woman in your life. I tried a video for this challenge and posted it on Teens Turning Green’s Facebook page. I’m so much more awkward than I want to be. The highlight of the day was when I got Starbucks and received a free drink coupon, because when I asked for a Pumpkin Spice Latte, the barista said they were out of the flavor.

Thursday’s Outfit: Blazer, Forever 21; Scarf, vintage; Jeans, Gap; Flats, Nomad

One of my favorite stores in Newport

 This week I realized how much the Project Green Challenge has gotten me thinking more deeply about sustainable living. Today’s challenge, PGC 2012 Day 12, was on packaged foods. I know some of the labels and ingredients to be wary of when buying packaged food, but I was surprised to find that labels I thought would be more regulated, such as gluten-free or grass-fed, were not.

Tomorrow, I’m going on a trip to Boston to see the New England Aquarium. My boyfriend and I are meeting up, too, so I’m looking forward to spending the day with him.

Today’s Outfit: Leather Jacket, New York & Company; Scarf, ESpirit; Jeans, Express; Boots, Mudd; LV tote (from Wish Newport)

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