Newport/Narragansett: Tea Time and Meatless Monday, PGC 2012 Days 6-8

I got sick over this long weekend, but there was still plenty to be done.

On Saturday, my parents and I went to the beach for an hour. No bikinis and swim trunks, but it was still a nice day to soak up some sun. Yoga was the theme for PGC 2012: Day 6. I had to take a picture of myself doing yoga (awkward) and wrote a reflection on the first week of PGC 2012 so far.

Saturday’s Outfit: T Shirt, Gap; Sweater, Old Navy; Jeans, J Brand; Belt, vintage; Sandals, Steve Madden

Sunday, my parents and I checked out the Wrentham Outlets. It was so crowded–there were license plates from everywhere, from Nova Scotia to Rhode Island. Style was the theme for PGC 2012: Day 7. The challenge required picking out an item of clothing in the closet and find a greener version of it online. I enjoyed the part of the challenge that required making three eco-friendly and sustainable looks on Pinterest, but it took so long. Check out all three of my looks here: Look 1, Look 2, and Look 3.

I chose to research my Sadimara by Colette Mordo cardigan I bought from Wish Newport last fall
Sunday’s Outfit: Coat, Express; Cardigan, Sadimara by Colette Mordo; Leggings, Gap;  Bag, Call It Spring; Boots; Mudd

Today, I went to Newport and met with my professor at Starbucks to brainstorm the topic of my final paper. I would like to explore consumerism and department stores and how consumerism may or may not have changed from 19th century Paris till today. On the way out, I ran into my roommate from Oxford and we caught up over tea and cookies.

Meatless Monday was the theme for today, PGC 2012: Day 8. It involved analyzing why going meatless for at least one day of the week is better for human health and the environment. Part of the challenge involved signing up for the Environmental Working Group (EWG) pledge to eat less meat and create a virtual vegetarian/vegan meal. I did sign up for The Pledge–it helps that I don’t eat meat that much in the first place. If anything, what would impact me more was if I signed a pledge to eat less cheese and cheese products. That would be incredibly trying. Check out my virtual vegetarian meal I made on Pinterest using local farms–I would like to try and make it at some point.

Today’s Outfit: Vest, Gap; Tunic; Gap; Scarf, (knit by Mom); Leggings, Gap; Boots, LUV

The Project Green Challenge 2012 has been going really well, I’ve managed to stay on top of all the challenges and completing at least the first two levels, “green” and “greener.” However, there are two things I struggle with:

1. The more the challenge goes on, the more time consuming PGC 2012 becomes. I want to participate in this initiative with my full support, but I feel like this challenge could be more considerate of people’s time. I understand that education is a central part of PGC 2012 and research should be conducted about specific practices and movements associated with green living. I understand that, because I already live a more eco-friendly lifestyle than the average person. But with an overloaded schedule of university commitments, to have questions and assignments that are very time consuming make it difficult to keep doing the PGC 2012.

2. I took some environmental courses before PGC 2012, so the basic lessons are not new to me. The environmental courses I have taken include Humans and the Environment and Christianity, Ethics, and the Environment. I have already done extensive research about my community and my university regarding sustainability. Had I not known anything about green living, all of this information would be fresh and exciting. Continuing this learning process is still exciting, but I found out I am more educated in the environment than I thought.

All of that in mind, I fully support the positive intentions and actions The Project Green Challenge 2012 is putting out there. Educating young generations about sustainable living is crucial to building a better world, a better community, and a better sense of self.

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