Newport: Pell, Presidential Debate and PGC 2012, Days 3-5

On Wednesday, I started my work study at the Pell Center of International Relations. I am responsible for several duties, including blogging about one public policy issue throughout the year (I chose to focus on fair trade), attending Pell Center lectures and updating the social media pages. I stayed at the Pell Center after my work study hours, because I volunteered for the viewing of the Obama v. Romney presidential debate, as well as the foreign policy debate preceding it. It was a long night, but I was happy to participate in conversations the next day.
On Thursday, G. Wayne Miller of The Providence Journal spoke to my Magazine Feature Writing class about how he wrote An Uncommon Man: The Life and Times of Senator Claiborne Pell. He showed us some pictures of the research documents, the places he visited, the people he met, even pictures of Senator Pell in his last days and pictures of his funeral at Trinity Church. Miller told Pell’s story beautifully, I look forward to reading the biography someday.
Today, nothing of particular note happened. Class. Work study. Project Green Challenge stuff. Homework. I signed up for a trip to the New England Aquarium in Boston next weekend–that will be fun.
The Project Green Challenge 2012 is going pretty well. I am on the lower end of the leader board, but still one of the higher scores nonetheless. It’s been a great initiative to participate in so far.
Wednesday’s Outfit: Sweater, aerie; Scarf, aerie; Leggings, Gap; Boots, Coach
Thursday’s Outfit: Sweater, vintage; Scarf, (from Crosswynds Traders); Shorts, Banana Republic; Tights, Leggs; Boots, Coach
Today’s Outfit: Cardigan, Chili Pepper; Tank Top, Parang; Leggings (from LF); Sandals, (from Mr. Shoes UK)

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