Newport/Kingston: First Day of Boot Camp and PGC 2012, Day 2

After a long day of classes, I managed to get back to Black Diamond MMA for my first women’s boot camp class. It was pretty intense, but I have no regrets–my abs feel sore, but they’ll look amazing. Dawn, the teacher of the class, set up a lot of exercises in the studio. The warm up was a light jog around the studio, squats, and jump rope. The jump rope was probably the hardest thing.

The actual main exercise circuit–kickboxing, ab work, step-ups with dumbbells, hopskotch–was not terribly challenging. With that being said, it doesn’t mean that I did not get a great workout. I feel awesome!

The second day of the Project Green Challenge 2012 involved finding eco-friendly alternatives for ten items currently in your room/dorm. Here’s the list I submitted, I think it would be fun for you to check out:

·         Shiraleah Monroe Chestnut Vegan Tote by Alternative Outfitters Vegan Boutique
·         Made with vegan leather

·         Women’s Regular Bootcut Jeans made with Organic Cotton by Patagonia
·         98% organic cotton 

·         Crescent Moon Alpaca Wool Comforters available at The Clean Bedroom
·         70% Alpaca Wool; 30% sheep’s wool
·         Packaged in a reusable 100% cotton bag

Organic Chamber Pillows by West Elm
·         100% organic cotton shell
·         Down alternative: loft-recycled polyester fill
       100% hemp curtains made in Europe

 Valencia Bedframe and Valencia Dresser by erikorganic
·         Made by skilled Amish craftsmen; 100% American-made
·         Please read erikorganic’s philosophy here

·         Abaca Fiber Cylindrical Lamps with Wrought Iron Frame available at The Futon Shop
·         Interior made of abaca plant

·         Notebooks by EcoSystem
·         100% post-consumer recycled paper

·         Natural Recycled Wood Twig Pencils available at
·         Made from tree branches and Tamarind trees (Southeast Asia)

As much I love the Project Green Challenge 2012, the one problem is that it is a lot more work than I bargained for. I would love to do all three levels of the daily challenges, as well as the extra credit, but the time necessary to complete the tasks well is equivalent to the time I spend doing academic work for university.

Commuting, overloading, an editor for the university newspaper, treasurer and public relations officer for two clubs… I’m pretty sure the creators of the Project Green Challenge 2012 never anticipated someone like me would find the time to do it.

Yesterday’s Outfit: Top, To the Max; Cardigan, Gap; Belt, vintage; Pants, Banana Republic; Flats, Primark

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