Newport/Narragansett: I Need to Go to Paris

For the past few days, I have been obsessing about studying abroad in Paris. It’s probably because:
  1. I am taking Intermediate French and a course on 19th century Paris.
  2. In my Cross-Cultural Psychology class, I was assigned to do a project on French Polynesia.
  3. I learned there is a study abroad program in Paris with my current French professor and her husband, who is my Macroeconomics professor. 
  4. I went to a downtown bookstore (Island Books) and found a book about a woman who moves from New York City to Paris to write ad copy for Louis Vuitton through her addiction to sweets (Paris, My Sweet by Amy Thomas) .

It’s as if all of these circumstances are signs.
Besides researching summer programs in Paris, I went to Apothecary Newport today, celebrated my friend’s 21st birthday, and figuring out my work study with the Pell Center of International Relations. Overall, the week has been pretty normal…
And I decided to sign up for a women’s bootcamp at Black Diamond Mixed Martial Arts studio in Kingston. I need to work out more regularly somehow between classes and commuting. My first class is tomorrow after French… It should be interesting to say the least.  
Monday’s Outfit: Dress, Xhilaration; Cardigan, Simply Vera by Vera Wang; Flats, Nomad; Purse, Gap

Tuesday’s Outfit: Cardigan, Charlotte Tarantola; Pants, Gap; Shoes, Ralph Lauren

Wednesday’s Outfit: Cardigan, Old Navy; Tunic, Gap; Leggings, Gap; Boots, Steve Madden

Today’s Outfit: Sweater, Gap; Jeans, American Eagle; ID lanyard, Jack Wills

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