Narragansett: Paddleboarding, DIY Fashionable Notebooks and Project Green Challenge 2012

Even though I only had one class fifty-minute morning class yesterday, I was at school from 8:30am until 5:30pm. 
I had a meeting with the International Programs Office to coordinate a photo presentation; went to Intermediate French; drove to First Beach and took pictures of the free paddleboard activity (sponsored by Candlewood Stand Up Paddleboarding) for Surf Club; studied at the library for an hour before meeting with my roommate in Oxford for lunch; went back to the library afterwards and studied some more; then finally picked up my paycheck from work before heading back home for dinner. 
Yesterday’s Outfit: Maxi Dress (from Crosswynds Traders); Denim Vest, Old Navy; Earrings, Village Reflections 
Candlewood Paddleboards on First Beach
My life in one hashtag: #overcommitted
I studied all day today, because tomorrow I have a few appointments and work tomorrow night. Of course, I did find ways to procrastinate–including decorating my notebooks with magazine ads. This is something I do every year and thought it would be a cool way to keep school stuff stylish and stay inspired sitting through that 8:00am class.
It’s pretty simple–find an ad from a magazine, gently rip it out, tape it to the cover of your notebook, and you’re done. .Anyone can do it.

Monday/Wednesday/Friday classes: Intermediate French, Narratives of Desire (focuses on 19th century Paris)

Tuesday/Thursday classes: Macroeconomics, Cross-Cultural Psychology, Magazine Feature Writing, Horror Films 

T keeping me company while studying
Another thing I did to procrastinate from homework was sign up for the Project Green Challenge 2012 by Teens Turning Green. It is an initiative to get high school and college students involved in an environmentally conscious lifestyle. Starting October 1st, participants of the Project Green Challenge receive daily themed challenges to complete and earn points. At the end of the 30 day challenge, finalists are chosen to attend an “eco-summit” in San Francisco with environmental leaders.
After taking environmental studies courses, may as well try to increase my level of awareness. It will be a fun thing to try out and become involved.
To learn more about Teens Turning Green and Project Green Challenge 2012, please click here.  

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