Newport: Getting Back to Reality

This past weekend put me in a positive mood looking forward this semester. After I got out of work Saturday night, I met up with friends and went out to see more friends. We had to stop at Via Via for late night food–I opted for fries, just like I did in Oxford. 
I went to Starbucks with one of my girl friends and we took advantage of the Starbucks free refills with my “green card.” We were supposed to go watch the free showing of Gandhi (1982) together at Jane Pickens Theater in honor of 2012 International Year of Peace, but she was not feeling so well and head home for the next few days.
Before seeing Gandhi, I knew who Mahatma Gandhi was, but I did not know what he did to achieve his renowned status as a non-violent warrior who fought for an independent India. Watching Gandhi gave me a new appreciation for freedom and what truly matters.
One piece of dialogue I will keep in mind for the rest of my life:
“There is no beauty in the finest cloth if it creates hunger and unhappiness.”

I am truly happy to have seen the movie–I just had no idea it was over three hours long. Instead of doing homework at the library, I went home.  
My friends and I had a great first weekend back at university…
But now it is time to hit the books.
Sunday’s Outfit: Cardigan, Kirra; T shirt, Nollie; Watch, Gucci; Sandals, (from England)

Source: via Mia on Pinterest

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