Newport/Narragansett: First Week Down, 15 to Go

Technically the “first week” was only three days, but it was a nice adjustment period before the semester kicks into overdrive. Catching up with friends around Newport and on campus has been great.
Not going to lie, I am sad I did not go to Fashion’s Night Out in Boston or New York. I would love to in a few years, if not sooner.
I finalized changes to my academic schedule, so here is a summary of what this semester will be like:
  • Six classes. 18 credits. 
  • Two of the six classes are honors sections.
  • Commuting.
  • Working as a hostess at one job.
  • Executive officer for four organizations. A regular member for God-knows-how-many.
  • Possibly acquiring another job at university or off-campus.
Let’s go.
Yesterday’s Outfit: HiLo Dress, Millau

Today’s Outfit: Tank Top, White Vanilla; Shorts, Charlotte Russe; Sandals, (from Oxford); Blazer, Old Navy; Bag, Shiraleah 

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