Wilton: How to Deal with Wisdom Teeth Recovery

Even though I spent most of the day at home, my mom and I ran managed to briefly run out for Robeks smoothies and other errands. 
After nearly completing another day of post-wisdom teeth surgery, the only way to summarize this experience is composing a few “to-do” and “what-not-to-do” lists. If you have not yet had your wisdom teeth removed, pay close attention. 
If you have already experienced this surgery or never had to, feel free to read for a few laughs.
Recommended Food/Drink: the easy way to get down your pain pills
  1. Frozen yogurt
  2. Robeks/fruit smoothie
  3. Warm tea
  4. Oatmeal
  5. Smart Water (extra electrolytes do not hurt)
  6. Annie’s Macaroni and Cheese (slightly overcooked)
Highly NOT Recommended Food/Drink: everything I want to eat, but can’t
  1. Pizza
  2. Animal crackers
  3. Chocolate chip cookies
  4. Spinach ravioli
  5. Rice/couscous
  6. Frozen yogurt…with sprinkles

What To Keep by Your Nightstand

  1. Pain killers
  2. Pain killers
  3. Water
  4. Ice pack
  5. For your sanity, do not forget your pain killers.
What I Would Rather Be Doing
  1. Go fall shopping at the mall
  2. Eat dinner at the Italian restaurant in town with my boyfriend
  3. Work out!
  4. Fall asleep on the beach
  5. Having the freedom to snack on what I would like
  6. Sleeping without sitting up at night
  7. Wear real clothes other than jeans and a T shirt
What I am Actually Doing
     1. Sitting on the couch

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