Narragansett/Wilton: Movies, Chowder and Wisdom Teeth Surgery

This past weekend, my eldest brother came down for the weekend to visit. On Saturday, we saw The Campaign (Will Ferrell, Zach Galfianakis) and ate lunch at Aunt Carrie’s in Galilee. The next morning, my brother’s train was early in the morning, but we had a nice farewell breakfast at Phil’s before he left.

Monday, nothing special happened–just grocery shopping.

I got all four of my impacted wisdom teeth out yesterday. To be honest, I was not nervous before the surgery at all. Most people–including my doctor–suggested I have the procedure under an IV, nitrous (laughing gas), and local anesthesia, I originally wanted to opt for only the local anesthesia.

Before entering the surgery, my parents and I decided I would start with nitrous and anesthesia, so that way I could upgrade to IV at any point.

I was awake for most of the surgery, hearing the drill and the cracking, feeling the pressure as the oral surgeon described beforehand. The typical wisdom teeth removal takes 50 minutes–I was in there for an hour and twenty minutes. The scariest thing during the surgery had to be the high dose of nitrous they gave me initially, but after toning it up and down as needed, everything went well.

I must admit that three of my “concerns” during the surgery were vain and of no consequence:

  1. “I hope no spit gets on my outfit.”
  2. “Can’t wait to get the Burt’s Bees lip balm after this is over.”
  3. “I still want to read The September Issue of Vogue.” (no, I still haven’t found it)
Can you say #fashiongirlproblems ?
The plan for the rest of the week is to sit on the couch, watch Netflix, finish reading Little Bee, Project Runway, and eat plenty of Robeks smoothies.

Cardigan, Old Navy; Tank Top, Gap; Belt and Silk Pants, vintage; Earrings, aerie

Maxi Dress, Charlotte Russe; Earrings, Francesca’s Collections

Black Asymmetrical T, Express; Snakeskin Leggings, LF
I was allowed to bring my iPhone to the surgery–thank God for Ellie Goulding radio
**Also, it should be noted that I have reached my free storage for pictures, so my next few posts may be picture-less until I can figure out an alternative that does not involve purchasing additional storage.

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