Wakefield: Back to Chameleons

After going to Chameleons yesterday, the boutique associate said that the store was accepting consignments for fall.

I do currently consign at Wish in Newport, but they only accept high end clothing brands, Banana Republic serving as the baseline label. Since Wish moved from lower Thames to William Street, they do not accept “mall brands” there–think Arden B. or Express–that would slow down inventory.

Today I figured I would give Chameleons a try to consign some old clothes that I have not in a long while or no longer fit. The same boutique associate from yesterday walked me through Chameleons’ consignment policy. Items are given one set price and may be returned to the owner or donated if not sold within 90 days. When an item is sold, the consignor/boutique split is 45:55. Consignors may receive cash if their account is $25.00 or less and consignors also receive a 10% off discount if they use their consignor credit towards a store purchase. 
Thankfully, she accepted most of what I brought–a Juicy long-sleeve shirt, a Free People top, an Old Navy sweater, and a few other items that I cannot remember. While I was there, I tried on a beautiful Calvin Klein black sheath with zippers, so I hope that my stuff will sell soon to put consignor credit towards it. 
With the reasonable policy, great staff, and hot inventory, I look forward to going to Chameleons more often. 
Top, Gap; Belt, vintage (circa 1960s); Cutoffs, “vintage” Gap (circa 1980s)

Black Zipper Sheath Dress, Calvin Klein
There were a lot of designer jeans at Chameleons in my size–I just wish these ones fit!

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