Warwick/Wakefield: Muffins and Chameleons

Instead of spending the morning at the beach, my mom and I went to a salon in Warwick. There was a muffin place next door that I could not resist when I started aching for a snack. I stood at the counter for at least ten minutes looking at the muffins before deciding to buy a box of a dozen mini muffins.
For the record, I plan on doing a more serious workout tomorrow morning.
We went to Wakefield in the afternoon to get some groceries at the Alternative Food Co-Op, but then I figured we could stop by the bookstore at the mall to pick up the long sought-after September Issue beforehand.
When I get to the bookstore, formerly a Waldenbooks, I did not see any magazines by the register. The sales associate almost looked insulted when I asked whether they carried magazines. She said, “Shaws next door is the nearest place nearby that has magazines.” 
So off to Shaws I went.
Though I would normally look forward to Marion Cotillard’s radiant French charm, I do not want to read the August issue of Vogue. To my surprise (and I may also admit, horror), Lady Gaga was not staring back at from the newsstands with the Vogue title and “September” an inch away from her gown and outrageous wig. 
Another day without the September Issue, but HRH Duchess of Cambridge on the cover of Vanity Fair is more than a sufficient consolation prize. 
When we headed to the Co-Op, I parked a little farther from the store than I meant to (whoops), but in doing so, we stopped into a cute consignment shop called Chameleons.
Chameleons has advertisements in many South County publications alongside other consignment shops in the area. I meant to go there when I was looking for a prom dress years ago, but I was fortunate enough to find a BCBG Max Azria gown at The French Bulldog in East Greenwich. I got a cute pair of navy, high waist silk pants.
A hot cup of green tea, Vanity Fair, and a new episode of What Not to Wear finished up a busy day.

Just realized the irony of a box of muffins on top of a Women’s Health magazine–temptation won today

Dress, American Eagle

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