Narragansett: Catching Up on the Couch

I have not blogged about daily stuff for the past few days, because I have not done anything terribly interesting. It has just been the usual routine: working out, watching the Olympics and Netflix documentaries, reading Jane Eyre, and checking out other fashion blogs.

On Thursday, I did have a job interview in Newport and will hear back on Monday. Fingers crossed, everything went well! Early evening, we went to Nana’s and celebrated her birthday.

Friday I stayed in, trying to finish Jane Eyre.

Yesterday was the massive rain storm that tore through Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island. There were tornado and flood warnings–I took a short video of the downpour my mom and I drove in.

And like Friday, today was another lazy day.

I got to Newport early before my job interview so I could take some pictures. 

Nana’s cake– I forget the name of what the type of cake is, but it was like angel food cake and strawberries with light whipped frosting. 

The rainstorm

I love this edition of Jane Eyre illustrated by Ruben Toledo–if only all books could look this fashionable.

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