Guilford: Perk on Church

My mom and I went to a doctor’s appointment in Guilford, which was scheduled for 8:30 am.
We left the house at 6:00 am–I get exhausted thinking about it.
For breakfast and lunch, we went to a cute cafe called “Perk on Church” built inside a re-purposed greenhouse/storage building. The cafe occupies the building along with two boutiques, BSK Design at Chroma and Gallery Raffael
I love the name, because it reminds me of The Perch in Binsey–“After the church, then to The Perch.” What is more impressive about Perk on Church is how they recycle and use gluten-free ingredients. Perk on Church also prides itself on having a variety of gluten-free crepe selections. 
I had a watermelon, strawberry, and red grape fruit cup for breakfast and a “Nathan Hale” crepe made with tomato, mozzarella, and basil. 
After the doctor’s appointment, we looked at Chroma, Gallery Raffael, and Ella, another boutique across the parking lot. I would have taken more pictures, but I did not feel like getting yelled at by store owners, which happened anyway when I tried to take a photo of a painting. Oh well.
From the part of Guilford we saw, I admit myself charmed by the area and its folksy-artistic atmosphere. 

Perch on Church divides food waste in three different bins–garbage, compost, and recycling. It would be nice if more cafes had a set up similar to this.
Gallery Raffael

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